Symbolizing both depth and boundless possibility, our Ocean colorway embodies fluidity and weightless motion. Borrowing inspiration from art and our surroundings, these visual elements capture the essence of Ocean.

Untitled (Brown and Gray) by Mark Rothko

Known for his abstract “color field paintings,” Mark Rothko’s work explores the relationship of color and form, often using swaths and splashes of acrylic paint. This piece melds deep browns and grays to represent the fundamental nature of human emotion. 

Head of a Woman (Landscape Form) by Rory Menage

Celebrating the physicality of raw materials, sculpture artist Rory Menage manipulates materials such as bronze, stone, and limestone. In ‘Head of a Woman,’ he uses cast iron to create an abstract version of the human form. 

Olive Eggers

Olive Eggers are an extraordinary hybrid between cockerels from brown egg stock and blue egg layers. They are bred for the sole purpose of producing eggs with unique, olive-brown shells. 

The Meeting of Waters, Brazil

A remarkable natural phenomenon, the Meeting of Waters is the confluence between the blackwaters of Rio Negro and the sandy-hued Amazon River. The two flow parallel to each other without converging, due to the varieties of water density, speed, and temperature. 

Agadir, Morocco

Agadir is a coastal town in Morocco, home to hundreds of stone structures and galleries that date back to more than 700 years ago. They are an integral part of Moroccan history and culture, originally built to protect wheat, spices, jewels, and other valuables for centuries.